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Special Help and Support Services

Dental Service

Our school is part of the School Dental Service. Children may be enrolled from age two and a half.  Children can visit Karamea Mobile Dental Unit which is periodically stationed at our school. Please contact Ph. 8379139

Public Health Nurse

Department of Health workers visit our school regularly to check children’s hearing and vision. If a problem is found you are contacted. Our Public Health Nurse also visits the school regularly.  These nurses are very skilled at helping children and families with their health issues.

If you would like assistance from the Public Health Nurse, please contact the school office, Ph. 8388766.

Social Worker

A school Social Worker is also available at school on Monday and Tuesday, if you wish to discuss any issues you may contact the school office. Many of our specialist services are available at our school to help children with their needs in learning, health and behaviour. Our school has a SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator) they monitor all children in the school and meet with a network of health professionals once a month to discuss each individual referred child and how best their needs can be catered for.