Learning through Play in Room 7

Children are infinitely capable of driving their own learning, following their own interests and drawing their own connections.  In an environment based on play we are building strong foundations for later academic growth.  We want [...]

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Aboriginal Art – Term 4

Kowhai have been learning Australian Aboriginal Art for the past two weeks. The children know all about this topic so be sure to ask ask them questions about it. They will surprise you with what [...]

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Room 3 – Excellent Assembly Item

Room 3 performed an excellent assembly item during week 2 in front of the whole school. The kids were soooo excited and the HSS audience loved it. Thanks to the parents who supported us.

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Room 1 Assembly Item Term 4 Week 1

Well done to Room 1, for introducing Samoan Art and tattoo traditions to HSS during their assembly item. The whole school enjoyed the item, especially Mr Diamond. We will add a link to the item [...]

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Week 2

Labour Week is over and so is week 2.  This week we have been learning about Indigenous Australian art.  Mr Diamond and Miss Rangi have been in Wellington this week for a Principals Conference so [...]

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Talofa lava and welcome to Term 4.

Our focus this term is Indigenous  People's Art Form.  This week  Room 3 is learning an item for the school assembly next Friday.  Children are learning a dance to perform that day.

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Welcome! Term 4

It is the final term for 2018. Fakaalofa lahi atu.  The first week of term 4 is Niuean Language Week.  Our words for this week are..... Monday - Fakaalofa lahi atu = Greetings. Tuesday - [...]

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Samoan dance

E taua tele le siva Samoa ona e aumai ai le uiga o se tala, fa'atauaina o se autu, momoli mai ai ni alofaaga, po'o le fa'amavae atu i ni malo fa'aaloalogia, po'o so'o se [...]

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