Samoan Language Week in Kowhai 2019

Samoan Language Week / Vaiaso o le gagana Samoa helps all New Zealander’s journey towards shared cultural understandings. Learning a new language gives us insight into new ways of thinking, and to different beliefs and cultural practices. Everyone who learns gagana Samoa helps to preserve it as a living and rich language.

As you can see we celebrated by having Samoan Zumba, Coco, Yummy Panikeke as well as a Samoan Poster competition upon which James won. Thank you to the Tamati who entered their posters.



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Hello, I have been teaching for many years starting at Onehunga Primary. My hobbies are football, fishing and biking. I am married with two children. I joined the school to be part of the Henderson Community and help the children progress, so that they are Critical, Creative Cultural Thinkers.