Welcome! Term 4

It is the final term for 2018.

Fakaalofa lahi atu.  The first week of term 4 is Niuean Language Week.  Our words for this week are…..

Monday – Fakaalofa lahi atu = Greetings.

Tuesday – Fiafia = Happy.

Wednesday – Fakamalolo = Be strong.

Thursday – Monuina = Best wishes,  good luck.

Friday – Tino malolo = Strong body. (the “t” makes the sound “s”)

Our Topic for this term is Indigenous Peoples’ Art Forms.  So we have explored Indigenous Australian Art, Indigenous New Zealand Art and Indigenous Native America Art.  Along with Somali and Thailand Arts.  Our fitness for this term is athletics.  Hooray!  So lets have a great term.

Ozbots and Solos Taxonomy for the MakeyMakey in Term 3.

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