National Standards

National Standards LogoThe National Standards set benchmarks for student achievement at key points of each child’s education. NZ Schools are required to report student progress and achievement against the National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics. Each year, parents receive a Mid-Year Progress Report and an End of Year Report summary, which include teacher judgements against the standards.

​For further information on the National Standards and what they mean for you and your child, click on the link below for information from the Ministry of Education.

About National Standards – Information for parents from the Ministry of Education



​You can also view or download information on how to help at home by clicking on the links below:

After 1 Year At School
After 2 Year At School
After 3 Year At School
End of Year 4
End of Year 5
End of Year 6
End of Year 7
End of Year 8


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Full Reading and Writing Standards


Click to download National Standards Reporting Templates

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