Staff Profiles

Mr Trevor Diamond
Mr Diamond began his teaching career in 1974 training at Hamilton Teachers College and the University of Waikato. He graduated with a T.T.C. Trained Teachers Certificate and then completed a Bachelor of Education. He has taught at all class levels and in many Primary and Intermediate schools in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He is of Tainui, Ngapuhi and Scottish descent and hails from the Waikato. Mr Diamond has been Principal at Henderson South School for 6 years.


Deputy Principal
Mr Keith Scroggins
Mr Scroggins began teaching in his thirties and has taught at three local primary schools. He began at Green Bay Primary as a senior teacher then to Rutherford School as the Assistant Principal until moving to Henderson South. He is an experienced teacher with particular interests in sports, Literacy and Maths. Part of his role is at Henderson South is the overseeing of the Junior School as well as Special Needs Co-ordinator and ESOL children. He graduated from Auckland College of Education and holds a Diploma of Teaching as well as a Certificate of Middle Management. He has Engineering qualifications as he worked in the industrial fields before becoming a teacher.


Deputy Principal
Mrs Jacqueline Tutavake
Mrs Tutavake started in 2001 as a beginning teacher at Henderson South School after completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She has currently been Deputy Principal for the past 8 years and is responsible for the senior area of the school. She enjoys supporting the teachers and their students in developing teaching and learning strategies to ensure the achievement of all students. She enjoys her roles in Literacy development, Sport development, whole school assessment and working with target groups of students. Mrs Tutavake studied for her Master’s in Education in 2012 profiling the Samoan Bilingual unit on site which is also an area of the school that she enjoys working in, with the students, teachers and community alike.


Clerical Staff
Mrs Carol Hallen
Mrs Hallen has worked as the Administrator in our school office for 28 years and has seen many families pass through our school. She also holds the voluntary role of Administrator at the St Andrews Glen Eden Anglican Church. Whilst not working in these two busy jobs, Mrs Hallen enjoys gardening, watching sport, and spending time with friends and her grandchildren.


Clerical Staff
Mrs Frieda Henare
Mrs Henare began working at Henderson South School as a cleaner in 1990 and began as a Teacher Aide in 1996. She has many interests’ crafts, sports, cooking and spending time with her grandchildren.


BOT Secretary / Financial Executive Officer
Mrs Christine Stott
Christine Stott has been working as Executive Officer for the school for the past 22 years. She is responsible for the school’s financial operations and fulfils the role of Secretary and Treasurer to the Board of Trustees. She works 3 days per week for the school and enjoys every minute of it. In her spare time she works with her husband in their four wheel drive business, enjoys gardening, tramping, biking, and tennis.


Year 1/2/3 Team Leader
Mrs Catherine Bradley
Mrs Bradley has been teaching for 15 years. She graduated from Auckland College of Education in 1997 with a Bachelor of Education. She is the Junior School Team Leader and New Entrant Teacher. Mrs Bradley has a passion for teaching 5 year olds and loves seeing the children in her class learn to read and write. Mrs Bradley also enjoys The Arts and Science and has responsibilities in these areas. She runs a Reading Together programme at school to help support parents at home with their children’s reading.


[Study Leave for 2014]
Miss Trude Karaka
Miss Karaka has been teaching for over 6 years. She graduated from Auckland University at the Faculty of Education with a Bachelor of Education Degree. She is an experienced teacher at Henderson South having taught throughout the senior area and also leading the senior team. She loves teaching Music, Mathematics, Visual Arts and Health and is the tutor for the School Choir. She is currently a tutor teacher, teaching a year 5/6 class and has responsibilities for the Arts and School Management.


Samoan Bilingual Team Leader
Mrs Niu Auva’a
Mrs Auva’a has been teaching for more than 20 years. She graduated from Auckland Faculty of Education with a Higher Diploma of Teaching, Diploma of TESSOL and a Bachelor of Education. She is an experienced teacher having taught in many West Auckland Schools in mainstream classes. She is currently teaching Year 4, 5, 6, Bilingual Class and is the Team Leader for these rooms.


Year 4/5 Teacher
Mr Stephen Frost
Mr Frost has been delighted to be joining Henderson South School as a new teacher in a Year 4/5 class in Room 2 for 2013. He has been living in Auckland for three years with his wife Leanne after shifting here from Palmerston North. He graduated with a Bachelor of Education from Laidlaw College. He is the father of two adult children, our daughter Emma is a teacher in Albany and our son Nick is in the food industry in Palmerston North.
He also has a 6 month grandson Damien who lives in Palmerston North with his dad. He has worked with children of all ages in both a pastoring role in a church as well as in community youth work. He loves sports, maths, technology and having fun in a safe learning environment. He is looking forward to getting to know each family as he settles into Henderson South School!


Year 4/5/6 Teacher Senior Team Leader
Miss Jo Rangi
Ms. Rangi has 13 years teaching experience in schools in the Hamilton and Auckland regions, ranging from Year 2 through to Year 8. She has completed a Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor of Education Degree, from the University of Waikato and a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership from the University of Auckland. Ms. Rangi enjoys teaching Numeracy, Literacy, The Arts, and Te Reo Maori. She has experience in coaching school choirs, netball, kapa haka, and teaching ukulele.


Year 1/2 Samoan Bilingual Teacher
Mrs Goretti Schwalger
Mrs Schwalger has been teaching for 48 years. She graduated from University Aoao o Samoa with a Bachelor of Education Degree. She also graduated from Auckland Faculty of Education with a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of TESSOL. (Teaching English as a Second Language). She loves teaching all subjects areas in the Curriculum. She is currently teaching a Year 0/1/2 Bilingual Class and has responsibilities for Physical Education/Health and Maths.


Year 3/4 Samoan Bilingual Teacher
Mrs Mani Elu
Mrs Elu has been teaching for 35 years. She graduated from Auckland Teachers Training College with a Teaching Diploma and a Higher Diploma in Special Education. She is an experienced teacher having taught in Samoa and in Auckland schools. She is currently teaching in a Samoan Bi-lingual class and has responsibilities for Social Science and Maths Curriculum. She enjoys teaching Literacy, Numeracy, and the Samoan Language and loves working with children of all ages.


Room 13
Taranga Kent
Taranga Kent has been teaching for thirteen years. She has a B.Ed from Auckland University. Has a strength in Te Reo Maori and is passionate about Literacy, The Arts, Technology and Science. She is teaching a Year Two class.


Year 1/2 Teacher / Reading Recovery
Mrs Una Cama
Mrs Cama has been teaching for 5 years. She graduated from the Auckland Faculty of Education with a Bachelor of Education. She is an experienced teacher having taught all levels in the junior school. She enjoys teaching Literacy and Math and has just completed Reading Recovery training. Mrs Cama has a great passion for children, their learning and the different cultures they bring to the classroom.


Year 1/2 Teacher / Reading Recovery
Miss Amy Manos
Miss Manos is heading into her 4 th year of teaching, she has taught all levels within the junior school. She graduated with a Bachelor of Pasifika Education from the Auckland University of Technology. She is beginning her Reading Recovery training in 2013 and has had 2 years running the Travel Wise Programme within the school. She is a happy and enthusiastic teacher who keeps learning exciting for children.


Year 1 Teacher / Librarian
Mrs Bridget Jones
Mrs Jones is an experienced teacher who has spent the last 15 years working either full time or part time at Henderson South School. She has a Bachelor of Education from Auckland College of Education and has completed Reading Recovery Training. She has had the library responsibility in the past and is taking it on again for 2013. She enjoys teaching in the junior school and making learning enjoyable and exciting.



Reading Recovery
Ms Glenda Sumich
Glenda has an Advanced Diploma of Teaching. She has been teaching for over 30 years, with a break of 2 years at Elam Art School at the University of Auckland, before commencing teaching at Henderson South School in 2006.She has taught predominately Junior level and has over 15 years Reading Recovery teaching experience. Since arriving at Henderson South School, she has specialised in teaching solely Reading Recovery. Glenda finds one-to-one teaching very rewarding and derives great satisfaction from observing the rapid progress that can be made when skilfully implementing Reading Recovery techniques.


Resource Teacher of Literacy
Mrs Leith Matthews
Ms Matthews has been teaching for 45 years. She has a Trained Teachers Certificate, a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Masters in Philosophy.
She also has two Diplomas in the field of Second Language Teaching and a specialist Diploma in Language and Literacy Learning.Ms Matthews has taught in Canada, USA, UK and New Zealand. She has completed her Educational Psychology qualification and for a number of years she worked for the Ministry of Education Psychological Service. She has worked in her current position, firstly as a Resource Teacher of Reading and since 2001 as a Resource Teacher of Literacy. Working with students with severe literacy difficulties has been a passion of hers. In her spare time she enjoys reading, gardening and playing lawn bowls.


Resource Teacher of Literacy
Mrs Carol Anderton
Mrs Anderton has been teaching for 13 years, the last 7 years as a Resource Teacher of Literacy. She has a B.A., Dip Tchg and PG Dip Ed. Her particular interest is in how current teaching methods can be adjusted to more effectively include children who have difficulty processing print.


Teacher Aide
Mrs Helen Davis
Mrs Davis began her association with Henderson South Primary School in 1992 as a PTA member, and then began her work as a Teacher Aide later.
Her husband also had an association with the school as a BOT member for many years.Mrs Davis has helped out with the Netball and Soccer teams.


Teacher Aide
Mrs Christine Payne
Miss Payne began her involvement at Henderson South Primary School as a committee member of Tamariki O Takaro that was based at the school.
She was also involved with the PTA, and then began as a Teacher Aide later. As a Teacher Aide Miss Payne graduated from the many courses that she attended along with the other aides that attended from Henderson South Primary School. She has also been an assistant coach for Rugby and Rugby League at the school.


Teacher Aide
Mrs Pat Fletcher
Mrs Fletcher began working at Henderson South School as a Parent Helper, and then as a Teacher Aide in 1997. During that time she organised many fundraising projects, such as Discos, Galas, and raffles for the school. She has many interests but her main interests are her family.


Teacher Aide
Mrs Louise Pronk
Mrs Pronk works at Henderson South as an English Language Assistant. She has covered the extra programmes Sunshine, Jolly Phonics, Bannatyne, individual programmes and currently Rainbow Reading. She has achieved success in papers through Massey University extramurally covering Human Development, mainly children. She loves supporting the children and seeing them gain confidence and knowledge.


ORS Teacher Aide
Mrs Tina Pusaloa
Mrs Pusaloa is a Teacher Aide (ORS) who is currently working with a Special Needs child since 2010. She started as a parent helper in the Parent Reading Group. She has worked many years in the education sector at the Ministry of Education and New Zealand Qualifications Authority. She speaks both English and Samoan. Mrs Pusaloa loves being part of a Multicultural school that encourages students to embrace their culture and language. She volunteers in one of the Bi-lingual classes helping out with their Reading and Maths. She is passionate about Literacy and helping children achieve their goals.


Samoan Teacher Aide
Mrs Loretta Leuleuilii
Mrs Loretta Leuluaialii started at this school as a parent helper in the Reading programme for Henderson South School in 2010. She graduated with a Certificate of Foundation Communication – Level 1 and a Certificate of Acknowledgement in Get Ahead Start course at Open Polytechnic in 2012. She has also completed a Reading course at the school. Mrs Leuluaialii is now working as a Teacher Aide in the Samoan Bi-lingual Unit since 2011. She speaks both the Samoan and English language. She loves working with the students and sharing her ideas with the Teachers.


Samoan Teacher Aide
Mrs Liz Taliavao
Mrs Taliaivao is a Teacher Aide in the Samoan Bilingual Unit and has been employed at Henderson South School since 2011. She is a fluent speaker of the Samoan and English language. Mrs Taliaivao is currently involved in many projects in the wider community with her Church and the local Bruce McLaren Park HUB. She enjoys working with the students and is dedicated to keeping the Samoan language and culture enriched within the school.


SWIS Worker
Jenny Sheppard
Jenny is the new SWIS (Social Worker in Schools) for Henderson South School. She works Mondays and Tuesdays and can be contacted at our school office. She is passionate about making a difference and working with children and families to do this.
Room 3, Year 5/6
Mark Armstrong
Faka’alofa lahi atu. Mark Armstrong joins our teaching team. He has a B.Ed and a Post Graduate degree in Education from Auckland University. He also has a Diploma in TESSOL. He is passionate about teaching reading, sport and has a love for fishing. Has been teaching for the years and is looking forward to having a successful year. Mark is married and they have a three year old son and expecting a new arrival in April. He is looking forward to inspiring our students young minds to be the best they possibly can be.
Reading Support Teacher
Diane (Phred) Galbraith
Phred Galbraith is passionate about teaching. She is a qualified and highly experienced Reading Recovery Teacher. She has recently retired after twenty two years at Ranui School. We look forward to her sharing her expertise and continuing the fantastic work she achieves with children that require reading intervention.