Information for Parents

Welcome to Henderson South School

Greetings, Kia Ora, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Kia Orana, Ni Hao Ma, Bula vinaka, Faka’alofa lahi atu, Buenos dias, Konichi wa.

The Board of Trustee, staff and pupils welcome you and your family to our school. We look forward to your support and interest in the welfare of the school and its pupils.

Congratulations on enrolling your child at Henderson South School. We are a school of many cultures and we see this as one of our strengths. Our children mix with many races, beliefs and cultural ways. Within the security of the school, they are able to learn from one another, to learn to respect each other’s differences, to see the similarities between us all and to learn to respect everyone as an individual. Our school motto, ‘Caring Sharing Learning’ underpins our schools philosophy supported by the Henderson South School Ways which involves our collective values.

17-Nov-2011 14:25, Genius G-Shot 507 , 2.8, 5.7mm, 0.083 sec, ISO 317

The Henderson South School Way

  1. Be kind, caring and honest.
  2. Have pride in yourself.
  3. Show good manners.
  4. Have a positive attitude.
  5. Respect yourself and consider others.
  6. Follow instructions.
  7. Work co-operatively.
  8. Play fair.
  9. Take care of your own property and value your school environment.
  10. Speak positively.

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